Registrar General of India : Circulars(CENSUS-2021)

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1 RGI-Circular XIV : Duties of Census Officers.
2 RGI-Circular XIII : Responsibilities and duties of the public under the Census Act, 1948 and Issue of Notification by the State Government/UT Administrations directing the public to cooperate in smooth conduct of Census of India 2021.
3 RGI-Circular XII : Guideline on the Training of Census functionaries for the Houselisting and Housing Census and NPR Updation
4 RGI-Circular XI : Preparation of Village Register, Town Register and Charge Register for the Houselisting Operations
5 RGI-Circular X : Assigning location code numbers at various administrative levels
6 RGI-Circular IX : Approved norms under different components for Census 2021 & updation of NPR
7 RGI-Circular VIII : Guidlines for Formation of Houselisting Blocks & Housenumbering during Houselisting Operation
8 RGI-Circular VII : Formation & Identification of Slum Enumeration Blocks for Slum Demography
9 RGI-Circular VI : Appointment of Census Officers-Issue of Notifications
10 RGI-Circular V : Tentative workload, distribution of computer hardware equipment, manpower and related guidelines for Data Capture Center renovation/upgradation
11 RGI-Circular IV : Updating of Base maps for 2021 Census
12 RGI-Circular III : Formation of Urban Agglomerations for the 2021 Census
13 RGI-Circular II : Rural-Urban Classification for Census-2021
14 RGI-Circular I : Planning for the 2021 Census